This Is How Your Heart Will Heal

Even though our hearts are never exactly full again, they can love again.

Molly Burford


jasmin chew

The human heart doesn’t mend in a linear pattern.

When you break a bone, you’re subjected to some X-Rays and then the doctor will determine your course of recovery. Maybe it’s a cast, followed by some physical therapy and rest. If you follow the doctor’s orders, you’ll be sure to find yourself and your bones okay again.

The heart isn’t like that.

The heart is composed of a peculiar kind of muscle memory and it will react and contract to the simplest of stimuli, stimuli you weren’t immediately aware you had an association with. The catalyst could be pieces of your broken heart wedged between the letters of a street sign, a sign that marks where you first realized you were falling in love with the person in the passenger’s seat, which now finds itself vacant. It could be something as cliche as a song on the radio, it could be that godforsaken Facebook post from mutual friends where you see them, smiling and happy, even though you’re no longer in that picture or the pictures to come.

And it’s going to hurt like hell.

And when it’s hurting like hell, you’re going to feel a range of emotions that I can’t predict. I don’t know you, but I do know…